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Composition Dolls

The term "composition" describes material that is made from various pulped meaterials such as wood or paper based mixtures, which is used to make dolls heads and bodies.

Composition can be moulded into shape and when this is done under pressure, it becomes a strong durable material. With the application of a coat of size, the surface becomes smooth enough to apply paint finishes.Composition was used for almost all dolls until it was superceded by modern plastics.

A variation on the composition theme was the process of coating composition heads with a layer of wax.This enhanced the appearance of the features.Unfortunately there is a difference in the expansion of the two materials which leads to unsightly deterioration of the wax surface. This problem couldn't be overcome and production of wax over composition ceased by about 1910.

Compostion dolls are very popular with collectors. They are relatively cheap to buy and are very restorable.New arm and leg sockets can be put in and the painted surfaces can be restored.Building up a collection of composition dolls can be very enjoyable and won't cost a fortune.