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I have built up an extensive knowledge of the history of dolls and will share some of that knowledge on these pages.I will endeavour to change the content regularly, so keep viewing. 

My Dream Baby - 1920's -1930's

This version of the baby or infant doll was made by Armand Marseilles in the mid twenties. There are various mould numbers. Number 341,sometimes referred to as "Our pet" ,has a bisque socket head with closed mouth and bent limb composition body.Number 351, sometimes referred to as "Kiddiejoy", has an open mouth with moulded bottom teeth. The heads are solid-dome bisque with molded and/or painted hair and sleep eyes.Although every head was cast from the same moulds the hand painting of the features makes each one look slightly different. Three other colours of


head were produced, described brown, cream and black.Various body types are found, these are; composition body, hard stuffed jointed cloth body or soft stuffed cloth body.The heads were produced in the following sizes:- 


10 inches

12-13 inches


accompanied by the appropiaterly sized body



The picture above shows a typical mark for a mould number 351